Comprehensive Property Surveys in East London & Essex

Moving property is a giant step, so make sure that you are confident throughout the process. Based in Romford, Essex, and serving clients throughout East London, we ensure that your potential purchase is ready to move in to. Our building surveyors are experienced in finding faults, and our property surveys are extremely thorough.

A Complete Survey

It’s extremely important that you conduct a property survey on your potential home or business. Our team provide a complete survey that includes the following:

  • Noting evidence of subsidence, the possibility of sink holes, and landslip.
  • Noting flood potential of the site location.
  • Noting evidence of rising dampness, penetrating dampness, and condensation.
  • Noting evidence of timber decay, and the potential for timber decay.
  • A summary of the local environment and its possible effects on the property.
  • Ground level inspections of chimney stacks, all roofs, eaves, gutters, rainwater pipes, external walls, window frames, and window sills.
  • Internal inspection of roof areas, if access to roof lofts is possible.
  • Noting evidence of asbestos.
  • Reporting upon means of escape in case of fire.
  • Superficial inspection of the plumbing, central heating, and electrical wiring circuits. Advising on specialist tests if appropriate.
  • Inspection of the drainage system, including lifting inspection chamber covers if possible.
  • Noting the position of shrub and tree growth within the immediate area of the property and its likely effect on the property.
  • Reinstatement Valuation.
  • Open Market Valuation.
  • We provide a free copy of our reports to clients’ solicitors upon request.
  • We give all clients the opportunity to discuss their reports with our surveyor at no further charge.

Home Buyers Report

This report is a briefer version of the building survey. It does include an inspection of the total property, but it concentrates on the major items of concern. The home buyers report also includes a reinstatement valuation, and an open market valuation.

Building Condition Survey

This is a full inspection of a property, but it focuses on the main issues. These include the following:

  • Instability subsidence, landslip and sink holes.
  • Dampness (rising, penetrating and condensation).
  • Timber decay parasites (fungal and beetle).
  • Severe disrepair (structural collapse).

It does not include a reinstatement valuation or an open market valuation. Once you choose this survey, you receive sufficient information to decide on a purchase. The fee for a small, two-bedroom, mid-terrace house with no extension in Dagenham and Harold Hill is £300. This includes VAT.

Party Wall Matters

Under the provisions of the Party Wall Act 1996, we accept appointments to act as a party wall surveyor. Our team are happy to provide advice and guidance on a range of issues. This includes advice on work that your neighbours may be doing on a party wall or structure, building a new boundary wall, and making an excavation within 6m (20ft) of a permanent structure owned by a third party. 

Our team member, Leslie Hibbs, is an active member of The Pyramus & Thisbe Club™. This is the learned society which advises on party wall matters to Central Government and the professions including solicitors and surveyors.

Contact us, in Romford, Essex, for further information on the building and party wall services that we provide.